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What is a Power of Attorney Document?

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A power of attorney document is a very important financial and medical instrument that gives wide ranging powers to the agent (person named in the document) by the principal (person signing the document and naming the agent). These documents grant authority to the named agent (commonly referred to as "Attorney in Fact") to act on behalf of and in the stead of the principal in financial matters. The scope of the authority granted is determined by the principal who may choose to limit the powers granted to his or her agent. 



Because of the sensitive nature of the document and the potential wide ranging authority they may provide for, the document must be notarized before it can be used and is not accepted for use without a notaries certification of the signature of the principle who granted the authority.

Often times, as in the case of a loved one or friend in a hospital, or is home bound and is not able to travel, but wants to grant authority to an agent to take care of financial affairs and can not travel to a Notary Public. In cases such as this, The Las Vegas Mobile Notary will deliver and notarize a power of attorney document on location to any hospital, long term care center, nursing home or residence in Las Vegas.

Additionally for convenience considerations alone, having a mobile notary come to you anywhere in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and surrounding communities makes it much easier for you to have these documents prepared and ready for future use in case they become necessary for yourself a trusted friend or a loved one.

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Why do I need a Mobile Notary Public?

Why does the document require a Notary Public?

What type of Power of Attorney documents are there?

The Las Vegas Mobile Notary Provide a Licensed-Insured-Certified Mobile Notary Who Will Travel to You Anywhere in Clark County, Including Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and all Surrounding Communities in the Las Vegas Metro Area. We have same day and 1-2hr Service Available at Local Hospitals, Long Term Care Centers. Call us Today for a free price quote and to schedule and appointment.

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